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How do I set up a conference with my student's teachers? 

No. Schedule corrections at the beginning of the school ear will only be made for the following reasons: 1. The student is missing a required course. 2. The student is missing a class period and/or has too many classes on the schedule. 3. A special program is involved (ESE). 4. Class size compliance. 

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Can I change my schedule during the school year?

Tutoring is available Thursday mornings from 7:05-7:40 with individual teachers. Plan of Care tutoring is available after school Monday- Thursday from 2:30 - 3:30. Students receive a snack and transportation is provided for those who ride a bus. Permission forms must be turned in for Plan of Care tutoring. 

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My student needs help in class, is there tutoring available? 
Can I change my homeroom?
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Teacher change requests will not be honored. The first step is to request a conference with the teacher to try and remedy the issue. Please consult with your student's counselor for assistance. 

Can I change my teacher? 

Grades are available 24/7 in real time online using Parent Portal. You can access parent portal here. The username is the student's ID number and the pin is the last 4 digits of the ID number. By clicking on the grade for the class, you can expand the section to see the individual assignments. 

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How do I check my student's grades?

Setting up a conference is done by Mrs. Rynearson in Student Services. You can email her here to request a conference with as many teachers as you would like there. 

No. We do not change homerooms once a student has been placed unless we are trying to balance numbers. SAILS students change their homeroom once at the semester. 

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