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Writing. It is not for everyone. Whether you like it, want to like it, or have so far dismissed it, you have to admit that it does have a unique power about it. When writing you capture and release feelings simultaneously. That, is pretty cool.

For some people writing is very therapeutic. For others it can be frustrating. BUT, whatever side of the fence you currently reside, I encourage you to try and write ONE thing you’re proud of. One thing that you can re-read to bring yourself back to a special time or place. One thing that defines you today, your truth. Write about yourself…about this crazy time in our world…about the future or past…about your family, friends, or framily (friends that have become family). 😉

I hope you take this challenge and run with it! I hope you love it so much you run out of paper, or should I say run out of space on your hard drive. If nothing else, I hope you take a chance.

Hesitant? Start with this…A haiku!

Haikus are both humble and inspiring! Upfront confession…I am not a haiku master. I know to follow the simple 5-7-5 (syllables per lines, of which there are 3) outline, but I recently learned a little more about this very cool and at times challenging way of writing. If you’re new to haiku or like me and want to learn more about it, watch this video for what I think is a very well-done summary of this type of poetry. Follow the guidelines and suggestions or go wild! Writing really is what you make it.

Trying new things is how we grow, and being vulnerable enough to share our thoughts with others is one way we show strength.

Still nervous? Okay fine. I’ll go first…


My less conventional haikus:


Right wrong - Blissful blue

One thing I know to be true

Tomorrow is new


It's not about them

It's also not about you...

It is about us

My more traditional attempt:

Through My Window

Playful leaves, fresh breeze

A greater good finds me here

Simple, complex, mine

Perfect? Nope. Is that okay? YEP!!

You got this! Remember, just ONE thing you’re proud of. I would LOVE to read what you come up with. Share it in the comments if you’re comfortable. 😊 Love you guys!

-Ms. Sands

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