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Hey Pirates-

I’ve been looking forward to writing you again! Of course, and as always, I hope everyone is well! And I mean well in every sense of the word. Sometimes we don’t think about the many different ways in which one can be well…healthy or unhealthy, on track or off, successful or struggling. The lack of attention to the many factors that make up our well-being sometimes seem to be misunderstood, or even ignored. We tend to know quickly if we are physically unwell, probably know the cause, and usually know what we need to do to get better. But, what do we do when we feel emotionally unwell? This part my friends, is a little harder…

When emotionally struggling we might know the cause, but as complicated as our physical bodies are, they are no match for the complexity of our emotions. When we are emotionally unsettled we often don’t know how we got there, and are at loss on how to feel better! Sometimes this lack of understanding coupled with the urge to feel better can lead us to some negative, uncomfortable, or even destructive ways of coping. Deciding to cope with, and FACE, your feelings is a huge step in the right direction. Facing those feelings in a positive, effective, and safe way is by far the BEST!

Below I share my exploration into 4 AMAZING apps that help when you are feeling the emotional flu… Seriously, I would give each of these apps two thumbs way up! Some of these methods and strategies can also be used without a phone or the app. So, read on and see which ones you can’t wait to download first!


Clear Fear:

This app focuses its support on anxiety. You set up all these different personal preferences, which is fun and makes the app feel homey. You can set up a safety net, where you list activities to do and people to contact when your anxiety rises. This is perfect because we know that in moments of high stress/anxiety, our brain’s ability to think through things clearly isn’t at its peak. They also have plenty of suggestions for in-the-moment activities that can help if you draw a blank.

Also included is an online journal and goals sections that help you track your anxiety. Tracking a feeling can be a good way to learn more about it, and then how to combat it. If you have panic attacks there is immediate help for that too! There is also information on how your physical health can impact anxiety, and tips to improve both. They say here that a habit takes 30-66 days. So, download today and get started making strengthening your mental health a habit!

Think Up:

Guess where I heard about this app? A blog 😉 Go figure! I love this app because it helps remind us how much power and say we have in our own outlook! This app deep dives into improving our mindset with positive affirmations. This app is a lot about personalization (design & backgrounds) and making YOUR intentions work for YOU! There are experts and authors who have suggestions on this practice, and how to get started. An awesome feature is that you can record yourself stating your affirmation/s and play it when needed! (You could also record a family member or friend reminding you of the great things they see in you)!

I think one of the best features is that you can set alarms/reminders to review and restate the positive affirmations you have set. Remember we just talked about creating habits, and I think this would be really helpful in building positivity into your daily routine.


Okay…This one! I feel like I want to be best friends with this app. It has it all. Practice small moments of mindfulness with the goal of building your stamina for peace and in-the- moment living. Like Think Up, you can set alarms that remind you to slow down, pause, and reset. Imagine you are super wound up, energy and stress bubbling, and then your phone gently reminds you that you can change your course and come back to calm! Ugh, I just love it. There are 3-5 minute daily lessons about emotional awareness, meditation timers, journals and life-logs, etc. Again, I appreciate the apps connection to our physical health…this will link to Apple Health (the pink heart app on apple phones). Topics supported here include: Body Awareness, Purpose, Emotional Intelligence, Stress, Creativity, Self-Love, etc. Overall a superb resource for overall wellness!

Calm Harm:

All who struggle emotionally do not self-harm. But all that self-harm, do emotionally struggle. If you have ever considered self-harm, or taken actions to do so, this is very supportive place for you. This app includes personal touches like the others so that it is a visually pleasing place to visit. One strategy for combating the urge to self-harm is to find a replacement behavior or activity that works for you! This app offers many, and saves the ones you use so you can track which ones work the best. This app helps you “ride the wave” through the feelings/urge. You can select a 5 or 15 minute activity depending on need, that concentrates on comfort, expression, distraction, breathing, and “random.” I am thankful for this app, and encourage those who have connected to this portion of the blog to download it!

*If you are considering self-harm, actively self-harming, or know someone who is please do not stay silent. You do not have to suffer alone. Tell a trusted adult! And know you can contact me anytime. Email: #staysafe #onedayatatime

Well, that’s all I have for now. I will continue on the hunt for “helpful ways to help yourself,” and share, share, share!

Stay well Pirates!

Love, Ms. Sands

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