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Kids Serve Too- Guest Blog!

You may see people posting photos wearing purple, celebrating “Purple Up” days and be left wondering: What is all the purple about? April is Month of the Military Child; a month dedicated to celebrating and honoring the youth of service members. The color purple represents all of the branches of the military and is used as a common theme for the month.

There are approximately 1,177,972 active duty military children, as well as 716,879 reserve-component military children. That number may seem staggering and it helps to show just how many children “serve” alongside their service members. While youth may not be adorning a military-issued uniform everyday and showing up to work on bases and installations throughout the world, they are enduring daily sacrifices and challenges that make them more than worthy of a month of celebration.

The average military child will move six to nine times during his or her school career. That is approximately three times more frequent than nonmilitary families. Military youth experience separations, deployments, frequent moves, and parents’ physical and emotional injuries as a part of being in a military family. Their bravery on the homefront is commendable and their resiliency serves as an inspiration to others.

Let’s honor the unique contributions that the 1.88 million military children provide to our country and "Purple Up" to join in celebrating military youth throughout the month of April.

Kelly Rios, ATR, LMHC

Military and Family Life Counselor


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