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Small but Powerful!

Hey my patient pirates-

What I would give to see your faces right about now! Let me tell you, school is not a good time without you. Alas, we know where we belong…for now. This pandemic was not invited to the party, and we are all dealing with its presence in different ways. Are you surprising yourself or others with your reactions? Maybe still stuck in shock over it all?

One thing I have found myself doing is trying to control more around me, my environment, which currently pretty much means my house. I find myself trying to make things around me “perfect.” Everything in its intended spot, nothing out of place. I feel myself getting upset by the smallest things…A plant outside blowing over yesterday during the storm, a coffee spill on the counter. But I understand WHY. I understand where these feelings are coming from. I am attempting to control the small things around me because I recognize that I don’t have control of the big things. And guess what, neither do you! And while not having control or power may leave you feeling helpless, it can and should also leave you feeling a little more FREE! Free to let things work out as they should (and they will work out), free to let go of a responsibility that was never yours to begin with, and free to focus on the thing you CAN control. The positive impact you CAN have!

During this time, I urge you to not ignore or undervalue the little things you can do to stay mentally strong. “Take a deep breath.” I know I used to hear someone suggest this or something like it and roll my eyes, casually so they couldn’t see of course 😉. Seriously, I didn’t believe for two seconds that breath would be effective at changing one single thing. But when you’re wrong, you should say you’re wrong. And I was…well, wrong. It’s not as simple as it sounds, but controlling breath really can impact and change how you feel! When you have a second, read more about the power of breath here:

Other small but powerful things you can do to take control and take care of yourself are:

-Go for a walk, sit outside in the sun for a bit, get the right amount of sleep…for once.

-Listen to your favorite playlist, or write and record your debut song for the world! (Strong emotions and trying circumstances usually lead to some pretty amazing songs. Just ask Adele).

-You don’t have the distractions of friends/peers in class…rock out your 4th quarter grades and finish the school year strong!

-Call, Facetime, or Zoom a friend or relative. We are social creatures! And just because we are inside doesn’t mean we can’t connect.

-Read blogs to connect to others and get good insight! (Shameless plug…Read ours)! 😉

I truly believe that we are all doing our best. And guys, we KNOW you are doing your best! I won’t tell you not to get discouraged, not to feel sad, and not to wish things were different. What I will say instead is feel those things when they come, acknowledge them, and then let them pass. Take back the reins! Decide what you want to focus on, knowing that your focus will determine how you feel. As my good friend (and yours) Mrs. Mayer always says, “Life is about choices.” We did not choose the situation we are all in right now. We did not choose this time. But we can choose what we do with it. Do we use this time to better understand our loved ones, the ones we share a residence with but maybe don’t know all that well? Do we use this time to learn more about ourselves, and how we handle the “big moments?” Do we reach out to those who are here to help, and accept the support we have around us? The choice is, and always will be, yours.

Take care of yourself…on purpose!

Get through this how you can. And you WILL get through this.

-Mrs. Sands

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